Gym. Better.

 A facility, programs, and staff that not only allows but encourages you to workout your way. (whatever that way may be, do it here)

Located in the heart of El Paso's Eastside with quick Freeway access almost anywhere in city.

Training Options

We pride ourselves in providing a gym environment to workout the way you want.  Whether you like to workout on your own, work with a personal trainer, workout in a group environment like our FemmeFit, CrossFit, or Buns & Guns, we have it available. Check out what we offer. 


Not only do include showers, locker rooms, daycare, but the layout of the gym is quite different.  Our open gym area encourages any type of workout.  Including 3,000sq ft of turf there is a ton of space to take equipment, move it around and workout how you want to without fear of getting in someone’s way.  We also offer top of the line powerlifting, strongman, and functional training equipment.  Our 2 group fitness areas may also be used when there are no classes happening at that time.

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