Hybrid Training

Since 2009 we have prided ourselves on providing our clients the best possible solutions to their fitness goals.  Our focus is their needs not fitness trends. Based on these needs, we are proud to announce our Hybrid Training solution. This allows our clients to choose their level of coaching and commitment.    Workout on YOUR time whether it’s with one of our 20+ classes or on your own. At the gym or from home.  BUT also choose to have someone outside of the gym, who is following up on you and giving you advice and encouragement. Making sure you are doing the things you need to in order to reach your goals.  

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Introduction to the Hybrid and Accountability Program.  PLEASE WATCH.




Level 1 Hybrid Coaching

Helps you stay consistent in the gym.


add on to base ($1 per day)

Everything included in Base Program PLUS

  • Assigned to a Coach in Master Coaches group.
  • Text accountability – DAILY texts (5 days per week)  to/from coaches to check-in and make sure you have worked out.
  • Clients MUST commit to log all workouts on Train Heroic app. So that coach can follow your progress along.
  • An additional accessory workout that can be added to your Group Programming.
    • Choose from 2 options:
      • weight loss track with additional cardio
      • strength track with additional  strength
  • Monthly Body Scan analysis & check in. (at home will do weigh-in and measurements)
  • 3 month minimum commitment

Fill out our quick application and crush your goals!

Level 2 Hybrid Coaching

Helps you stay consistent in the gym & follow a nutrition plan made for you.


add on to base ($2.50 per day)

Everything included in Base Program PLUS

  • 45min Initial Nutrition meeting via Zoom.
  • Personalized Nutrition plan delivered and tracked by your Master Coaches
    • Plan Options
      • Daily column based plan – for someone who doesn’t want to track macros
      • Macro Plan – for someone who wants has the interest and commitment to track every single thing you eat daily.
  • 15min Zoom Nutrition Checkin weekly to answer questions and keep you accountable.
  • 3 month minimum commitment

Fill out our quick application and crush your goals!


We've Got Answers

Our team of master coaches are chosen based on their experience and specialties.  You will be assigned to the entire team, however your daily accountability coach will most likely be the same person unless on vacation.  Depending on your goals, current program, and availability we will provide the best option for you.  However, if you have any issues with your coaches we can certainly discuss changes, if need be. 

Financially, each of our Accountability Levels have a 3 month commitment and then it is month to month after that with a 30 day notice.  

Personally, we will require you fully complete each daily task and log your workouts in our app.  AND WE WILL KEEP YOU ACCOUNTABLE to it.   Expect us to ask you “why are you are not doing something?” 

Our philosophy on nutrition is a long term habit changing solution. Not a short term “lose as many pounds as possible in as little time as possible” type of program.  In our over 10 years of experience those types of programs (although sometimes successful in short term) do not establish long term habits and long term success.  

Our food choices should be based on whole food dense in nutritional value. We do not focus on what we should take out, but more so on what we should take in.  The more healthy choices we have, the less room for the bad. 

We normally coach our clients in 3 stages. Each stage allowing for less leeway and asking for more compliance.  This allows for small wins along the way and in our experience sets you up for success.  However, it is up to the client to choose their start stage. 

We have 2 options addressed at 2 different types of people.  Each of those options will include a 45min Zoom call to explain everything and answer questions. 

Column Plan – This is for people who are either too busy or too impatient to write down and track everything they eat.  We teach you what types of food are in the good column and what types of food belong in the bad column.  Each time you eat a meal or snack (not each individual item) it goes into one of the columns. You will be given a specific target goal during your plan to reach each week.   This plan is not as focused but can get some very good results with less stress! 

Macro Plan – This is for those who have the time and patience to track all food. AND really want to dial in their eating. Food is broken into three Macro Categories. Protein, Carbs, & Fats. Each client is given a weekly goal of percentages of each Macro and total calories from those percentages.   This plan is very focused and will lead to the quickest results but may not be for everyone. 

Although your coaching team is very invested in your success, they also have other responsibilities both professionally and personally.  You may text your coach anytime, however responses may not be given until the next business day. 

In order to budget our time, and keep our programs affordable, we normally limit texting to 1 conversation per week day. * (A series of texts on a single conversation)

If you need more help than our availability, no problem, we can discuss on an individual basis a plan that is right for you! 

Apply Now for any of our Hybrid Training Programs.  We will get back to you ASAP and also answer any questions you may have.

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